Download or make your own bookmarks


This is the Bookmark section where you can download and print as many as you like to brighten up reading time for children

For information on how to download and use the bookmarks, please see the article below

New designs are added often

Bookmarks can be fun and also educational.

Why make special bookmarks?

Bookmarks can be used not only to remind you of your place in a book, but also for educational purposes in that they can be a quick reminder of something the child is learning about at the time.

The idea is that everytime the child goes to read, they have to move the bookmark from the book so they quickly get a glance at the bookmark and get a quick reminder.

For example if the child were learning about the 3 times tables then give them a 3 times table bookmark from the Times Table section, & before you know it the child will have learned the 3 times table with out even knowing it.



How to use our bookmarks .

Download Options

Where possible we give several different download options:

When you see the small 'thumbnail' image on the right, you can click it and it will pop up a small preview of the actual bookmark

The 'JPEG - High Quality' option will give a very high quality image of the bookmark, allowing you to either print directly from your web browser or download and use in your own publishing software such as Microdoft Publisher or Word, or graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop

The 'PDF - Single' option will give you an Adobe Acrobat document containing one bookmark, this is ready to print out should you only require a single bookmark

The 'PDF - x4' option will give you another Adobe Acrobat document, this one containing 4 boookmarks side by side, again ready for printing. This option is for if you would like many copies of the bookmark and will save printing the single sheet out for each bookmark you require