Sir Kit's Quest



With a little imagination the simple things in school can be changed and made fun, with the help of paper, pens and cellotape and laminating pouches. The world is your oyster!!

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Pencil Toppers

I found a picture and stuck some string/wool onto the back of the picture and then laminated it next I taped it to the top of the pencil.

Pen Toppers

I did the same for the pens but changed the pictures as we were going to be spelling detectives this time.


The folder has been created to also follow the theme of castles. It has been made into the shape of the castle to store children’s work.


I used the same picture that’s used for the pencil toppers and all I did was print the picture  onto labels and then just cut around when needed.


The certificates are also made special with the school logo child’s picture in the background with the writing over the top.