Sir Kit's Quest



To make the insides just as fun, I added several items onto the walls to give it the desired effect and the finish I was looking for.

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Hall Of Fame

I made the picture frames with A4card and put paper mache round the outsides, then they were painted brown + sparyed gold.

Castle Window

The castle needed a window-which was made from card that was painted and then stuck to the wall for the effect.


Every castle has to have a bat living in it, I found this cuddly toy bat in a Ikea store and hung it upside down from a turret.

Creepy Crawlies

A castle is not a castle without spider’s and web’s. I put a plastic spider dangling down from the ceiling.


I displayed high up on the wall a plastic axe and helmet from a dressing up box. As there are always weapons on walls in castles.

Shield and Sword

I got a plastic shield from a dressing up outfit box and also a blow up sword which I secured to the inside of the wall.